Interested in learning more? Here's some information that should be helpful. (And if it's not, please contact us to let us know your questions.)

What makes The SAI™ different than just another LinkedIn discussion group?

First of all, we really like LinkedIn. Go ahead and check out our profiles: Nick, Tom, Mike and Ben.  The SAI™ goes far beyond the concept of a LinkedIn group because we are actively encouraging a process of collaborative thought production. We also don't want for our collective knowledge to remain hidden. We want to share that knowledge for the benefit of leaders, teams and organizations everywhere. 

How does Agility Consulting & Training benefit from The SAI™?

To begin, Agility Consulting & Training initiated The SAI™ effort, but it's separate from our consulting efforts in several ways. First, The SAI™ is about collaborating and producing knowledge as a top priority. Second, The SAI™ will cover topics related to agility in a broad way--that is, we're not limiting ourselves to topics that only align directly with our current consulting work or frameworks. Third, The SAI™ will work with other people outside of Agility Consulting & Training to give their valuable ideas a platform. 

Agility Consulting & Training will benefit, of course, from The SAI™ in terms of the fact that we'll all be gaining knowledge and skills throughout this process. We also anticipate using The SAI™ as a way to meet numerous other great people around the world--and that's always good. 

Will The SAI™ be offering products or services for the benefit of its interested community?

Yes! These are to be determined, but we have lots of ideas. What are yours?