Vision 20/20

This Thursday, I will be the opening speaker for the final day of the Canadian Electro-Federation 2016 Conference entitled VISION 20/20 in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. EFC represents over 250 member companies that manufacture, distribute and service electrical and electronics products in Canada and I will be helping the participants at their Conference become better prepared to face the on-going challenges and dynamics of competing in this VUCA world. I will strive to help them see the value and understand the roadmap for making AGILITY their competitive advantage. I am sure that VISION 20/20 has a double meaning … bringing out the importance of building clarity in how we see the world, our value drivers and the pathway to success as well as the notion of looking towards the future and not the past. Wow, do you remember when the thought of Year 2020 seemed so incredibly distant in the future? The reality is that it will be here very soon … like the day after tomorrow! 

Even after 15 years of developing and sharing the insights, experiences and tools that help our clients build greater adaptability and nimbleness for these changing times, my partners and i remain energetically passionate about spreading our “gospel” (so to speak) to help others in what is increasingly like a battle zone … with consequences and casualties. Not everyone survives and those who remain reticent about change are becoming brittle and FRAGILE. Those who are open to learning and adapting are becoming more AGILE and more likely to succeed. It is about transformation and not just change. 

I sometimes refer to our message as a gospel, not at all trying to be irreverent, but simply relating it to a CORE BELIEF SYSTEM that shapes how you think and how you act. Our world is not just changing … it is transforming. In the same way, we encourage you to revisit your VISION for 2020 and beyond - how are you SHAPING YOUR FUTURE? Are you thinking about doing some things a little better and a little faster? Or are you thinking about a full RE-BOOT and PIVOT to a new operating system? 

I hope the latter. Here is a copy of my remarks for the EFC VISION 2020 Conference … I share my perspective about TRANSFORMATION and I give you some tools and questions at the end you can use to evaluate where you are at. 

EFC Agility Presentation

I hope this is useful and look forward to your feedback or questions?