Time to Pivot to Agility

It’s been over 10 years now since Hurricane Katrina pummeled New Orleans and surrounding area with devastating floods, winds and destruction delivered by a prolonged LEVEL FIVE pounding from Mother Nature.  Last week, our Agility Consulting team of practice leaders and affiliates met in New Orleans to co-sponsor and participate in the 2016 HUMAN CAPITAL INSTITUTE SUMMIT.  We were there along with about 300 business and HR leaders from large and small organizations seeking new insights and success stories for how to navigate in the LEVEL FIVE VUCA we all fight each day.

Just as powerful as the forces of nature found in New Orleans ten years ago, the ideas and stories shared by most all presenters at the SUMMIT last week confirmed AGILITY and its inherent core belief system as the juggernaut needed for successful shift or PIVOT to the necessary mindsets, behaviors and capabilities.  For me, the HCI SUMMIT reinforced the real value proposition that comes from meaningful interaction with other serious and thoughtful people who recognize the need to be agile in our learning and open to important ways to adapt and become stronger.  We might say BE AGILE = BE STRONG.

Mike Richardson (L) with Dr. Bob Prescott (R)

Mike Richardson (L) with Dr. Bob Prescott (R)

Our partner, Mike Richardson, who leads our Team Agility practice area, wrote a great blog on his flight home from the SUMMIT.  He does a terrific job of capturing one of the powerful keynotes from Janice Semper, Culture Leader at GE … The Biggest Agile Startup on Earth: GE Beliefs & FastWorks.  The case is clear from GE, Microsoft, UPS, Wal*Mart, Quest, Aflac, Turner Companies and many others … it is time to PIVOT to AGILITY.  The idea behind a “pivot” is a conscious re-orientation to create more openness and reception for idea, mindset or behaviors.  Adopting the mindset of an agile start-up is a fresh pivot to re-examine and maybe even re-energize yourself and your team.  I suggest we start there.  

One of the other strong lessons from the HCI SUMMIT we heard over and over again from HR leaders on the edge – START THE PIVOT WITH YOUR TEAM.  There is a sense of liberation and new freedom to be found from this thought.  We all have had the experience of re-booting our computers or even getting new ones with a better and faster operating system (I am in process now).  Whether you are a CEO, business unit leader, department leader or HR leader at any level, you can be a champion for this PIVOT TO AGILITY.  You might check out the free pulse survey called THE VUCA REPORT as a no-cost place for your team to start by exploring some of the external factors your team will face and how ready to are to respond.

Next week provides another opportunity and gathering of thought-leaders – this time in Scottsdale, Arizona where Agility Consulting Principal and Leadership Agility Practice Leader Dr. Nick Horney, will be one of the speakers at the 2016 HUMAN RESOURCE PEOPLE & STRATEGY (HRPS) Conference focused on the Strategic Role HR must play in shaping the future talent ecosystem.

We have also found THE AGILE MODEL provides a good framework for you to use in building a meaningful discussion with your team when you ask questions about how the five agility drivers apply.  Try it and see how it might help you begin the PIVOT you need in your world.  I would love to get your feedback and comments on how it goes.