Peering into Team-Agility & Talent-Agility: A New Tool for HR

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I love chairing peer groups as they are extremely powerful in parting the curtains and giving us a glimpse into deeper levels of team-agility and talent-agility.  There is nothing quite like the moment of truth in which the peer group team has created such a safe, transparent and trusting place in which an individual participant can experience the beginnings of a shift in their talent and taking their game to the next level.  Best of all, the whole team learns from the experience, taking away value individually and collectively, even though they were processing another participant’s issue, challenge or opportunity.  It becomes a reliable, predictable and repetitive cycle of win/win/win which spirals upwards, making new levels of talent-agility and team-agility possible.

This brand new book describes this powerful phenomenon and the journey from peer-influence to peer advantage – from ordinary levels of peer influence which the majority of teams might achieve to extraordinary depths of peer-advantage which only a minority of teams achieve.   I am quoted in several places in the book.

As part of my agility centered portfolio of work, I have been Chairing peer-groups with Vistage International for 12 years.  As well, I am a Vistage Speaker for our groups globally (20,000 members in 1000 groups in 17 countries representing $300 Billion in annual revenue and 1.8 Million employees) recognized as our community’s thought-leading expert on agility.  Whether Chairing or Speaking, I help our members understand the link between peer-advantage and agility-advantage through team-agility and talent-agility.

As our team-agility practice leader in Agility Consulting & Training, when facilitating client CEOs and their teams to develop their agility-advantage, I also love introducing them to the power of a peer-process to leverage peer-advantage.   It gives them a glimpse into deeper levels of trust, transparency and teamwork for higher levels of talent-agility and team-agility at the core of their enterprise agility.  As a result, I have seen participants transform their leadership presence, how their leadership is perceived by their peers helping transform teamwork to the next level and transforming their careers with promotions and other opportunities.

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