Anticipating Change in 2016

We all now recognize that the only certainty is uncertainty and the prospect for even more change will surely define 2016.  There are highly visible forces of change like the presidential election drama, growing tensions with Russia in the Middle East maelstrom and the on-going global anxiety around terrorism of every variety.  There are also a multitude of positive forces of change propelling innovation, productivity and new possibilities in healthcare, technology, agribusiness, sustainability and more.  This constant churn of heightened risk and continuous possibilities can contribute to organizational hysteria or present the potential for competitive advantage for those leaders and organizations committed to building superior capacity to ANTICIPATE CHANGE.

Make no mistake, change is the norm and no longer described as the “new” normal.  It’s here to stay also.  Anticipating change is a real capability with disciplines, processes and rigor for those who are serious in creating real advantage through enhanced ability to sense and respond better and faster at all levels in their organizations.  This is no longer just the domain of the boardroom or the anticipating change or strategy “department”.  To create real advantage, the paradigm must be to create capability and expectations for anticipating change throughout at all levels.  We devote a full chapter to this discussion about Anticipate Change in our book Focused, Fast & Flexible in case you want additional insights. 

So, as you look to 2016, what can you and your team do to help in your efforts to strengthen capability to ANTICIPATE CHANGE?  A few months ago, we introduced a new framework for identifying and illuminating the most disruptive forces of change facing global and local leaders called THE VUCA REPORT.  Most of you recognize the widely known acronym VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) as the short-hand description of the global operating environment we all face.  This free pulse survey is designed to help collect global inputs from thoughtful professionals around the world – not only on what they see but what they are doing to improve their capabilities to anticipate change better and faster.

Below is a snapshot of THE VUCA REPORT™ framework coming from The Strategic Agility Institute – a global collective effort to increase knowledge and shared capability.  I encourage you and your team to participate.  You can even use this as a team exercise and check in with Agility Analytics Practice Leader Ben Baran to get a shared code to enable access to team results.

Anticipating change is a critical survival skill for leaders, teams and enterprises to adapt and thrive in this VUCA world.  Pleased to hear your thoughts and ideas … and especially to have you click the link to participate in THE VUCA REPORT.

About Tom O'Shea
Tom O'Shea, CMC, is a principal at Agility Consulting and Training LLC, where he leads the firm's Organizational Agility practice. A Certified Management Consultant (CMC), he has consulting with numerous organizations and coached myriad clients around the world. For more about Tom, visit: